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Rainbow Boy - Chris Shea

Lifting spirits was the aim with this piece. The inspiration was that of COVID-19, an infectious disease which was first identified in Wuhan, China. The subsequent global pandemic that followed, resulted in many countries across the world suffering. The healthcare systems of these countries were overwhelmed in cases of the disease. This resulted in a global lockdown that prohibited people from leaving their homes and remaining inside, unable to see loved ones. As the pandemic strengthened its grip on the world, people were urged to wear face coverings and retain distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The NHS England became a symbol of strength and integrity during this period for all their
efforts to save the lives of those who were infected.
Rainbow Boy was inspired from a photograph of Chris’s son watering the plants in the garden. He then saw the local children painting rainbows to thank the NHS and raise hope amongst our streets, to always remember that there is a rainbow after every storm. This gave a feeling that we must always work on getting through tough times, if not for 
our self, for the future of this world.